Page from a Qur’an in maghribi script

Unlike the rest of the Islamic world, where Qur’ans were written on paper from the 11th century on, North Africa and Spain continued to copy the revelation on parchment well into the 15th century. This page is written in a round script known as maghribi that is considered to be a further evolution of kufic, and occurred in Maghreb (North Africa), hence the name.

Compared to earlier examples, the text on this page (Qur’an, 80:24-32) is written more clearly and is easier to read. Each letter is accompanied by diacritical marks, as well as by vowels and pauses, conveniently marked in a different ink from the main words. The page also contains illuminated verse divisions, in the form of gold knots, and drop-shaped and round medallions in the margin which indicate the fifth and tenth verse stop respectively.


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