Tsuba with plants and landscape scene


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    Very heavily dented on both faces, and the edge hammered up, but all surfaces rounded off and polished, after etching to produce a mottled appearance here and there; small patches of cross-hatch ishime; two or three groups of perforations of irregular shape (water and clumps of leaves?); the front delicately engraved with lespedeza plants and susuki grass; the back more boldly engraved with a Chinese landscape, with buildings, etc., including a man crossing a bridge; the moon's disk encrusted in lead. Signed with a gold-inlaid seal partly cut away: Tōu [Japanese text].

    A remarkable piece in thoroughly Japanese taste, reminding one of guards by Umetada Miōju (Group XI). It was acquired from the Hawkshaw Collection (no. 202), in the catalogue of which Mr. Joly placed it in the Umetada section and gave it a 17th-century dating. But it is clearly an archaistic piece by a Yasuchika.

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