Plaque of embracing couple


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    Man and woman in low relief; mouldmade with incised detail; baked; cream slip on pinkish buff fabric; to left: a man shown full-face with incised hair retained by a brow-band; square beard, marked by incised vertical lines, flanked by side-locks with curling ends; right arm bent with the hand on his abdomen; his left arm embraces the woman on the right, as her left arm does him, emerging with her left hand on his upper right arm; the lower part of his garment (marked with incised vertical lines); is now missing; to right: a woman shown full-face with her hair dressed into bunches on either side of the head and in a pile on the top, all retained by a brow-band and marked with incised vertical lines; traces of a choker necklace; her garment has a prominent upper border running above the breasts and across her shoulder; below the breasts (which may be exposed); what survives of the skirt is marked with incised vertical lines; incised framing line round the plaque's inner edge.

    In: Moorey, P. R. S., Ancient Near Eastern Terracottas (Oxford: Ashmolean Museum, 2005)

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Moorey, P. R. S., Ancient Near Eastern Terracottas (Oxford: Ashmolean Museum, 2005), 145, p.114, illus. p.114

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