Female figurine with crown and long hair

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  • Title

    Female figurine with crown and long hair

  • Associated place

    Syria (find spot)
  • Date

  • Material and technique

    terracotta, hand-modelled

  • Object type

  • Dimensions

    7.6 cm (height)
    5.7 cm (width)
  • No. of items


  • Credit line

    Presented by Sir Arthur Evans, 1933.

  • Museum location

    Ground floor | Gallery 19 | Ancient Near East
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  • Catalogue text

    Handmodelled; buff clay; body flattened front and back; prominent pinched nose, pierced pellet eyes and no mouth; prominent socket for forehead ornament; projecting pierced ears each retaining an earring of solid gold wire with overlapping ends, circular in section and thickest in the middle; prominent wedge-shaped headdress at the back of the head with central band, pierced on either side at the top; applied single-band necklace; abbreviated stub arms with pointed end; prominent hips; rouletted cross-bands on chest; three rouletted lines to depict pudenda; plain spherical stud of baked clay covered with gold foil fixed into the navel; square-sectioned legs taper to flat base; line divides legs front and back. In this case the cross-bands and pudenda are also rouletted on the back.

    In: Moorey, P. R. S., Ancient Near Eastern Terracottas (Oxford: Ashmolean Museum, 2005)

Further reading

Moorey, P. R. S., Ancient Near Eastern Terracottas (Oxford: Ashmolean Museum, 2005), 231, p.159, illus. p.159

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