Figurine of nude seated female

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    Seated; handmodelled; baked; coarse buff fabric with a burnished red slip, worn off on the flat base; two holes are pierced in the lower back and one in the centre of the base; the slightly damaged face was applied as a disk, tipped back so that the chin projects, on the front of the head; the eyebrows and nose are a continuous projecting ridge; the eyes are deep-punched holes in incised oval frames; the mouth is an incised slit with vertical incisions below on the chin ("beard"); the ears and what was originally a major protrusion ("polos"); on the head are broken off; the upper body is flattened, with triangular shape accentuated by projecting shoulders; attenuated arms extended down either side of the body with the hands grasping the knees; incised lines on the upper arms and shoulders; incised crossing straps and what may be a necklace; pointed breasts with incised nipples; genitals represented by an incised rectangular with incised dots inside it; short lower body with stump legs.

    In: Moorey, P. R. S., Ancient Near Eastern Terracottas (Oxford: Ashmolean Museum, 2005)

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Moorey, P. R. S., Ancient Near Eastern Terracottas (Oxford: Ashmolean Museum, 2005), 383, p.239, illus. p.239

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