Circular bezel seal with inscription in cursive script, leaf decoration, and a star


  • Catalogue text

    Chalcedony var. heliotrope; bezel, plain (but a little rounded) - convex; circular. The inferior face is divided by a square (A) in the interior of a circle, the space round the square forming four segments (B). Four lines in the square (A 1-4) and one line in each segment (B 1-4); cursive script; with dots.

    A- (1) Yūnus يونس
    (2) al-Hashshāshī الحشاشي
    (3) al-Qādirī القادرى
    (4) the noble 1276/1859-60 الشريف ١٢٧٦

    B- (1) His servant عبده
    (2) trusting المتوكل
    (3) in his Master على مولاه
    (4) the Gentle اللطيف

    There are some schematic leaves, spread on the groundl in the segment (B 1) there is a star consisting of seven simple strokes. One line follows the shape of the gem.

    In: Kalus, Ludvik, Catalogue of Islamic Seals and Talismans (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1986)

Further reading

Kalus, Ludvik, Catalogue of Islamic Seals and Talismans (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1986), no. 2.2.17 on pp. 23-24, pl. I.2.2.17

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