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  • Betty

    Date: 1925

    Artist: Edgar Bertram Mackennal, Sir (sculptor)

    Accession no. WA1952.109
  • Mrs Otto Gutekunst

    Date: 1915

    Artist: Francis Derwent Wood (sculptor)

    Accession no. WA1948.192
  • Mother and Child

    Date: c. 1919

    Artist: Alfred Briscoe Drury (sculptor)

    Accession no. WA2018.33
  • John Willett

    Date: 1900 - 1910

    Artist: James Ferrier Pryde (sculptor)

    Accession no. WA1989.4
  • Joseph Priestley

    Date: 1902

    Artist: Alfred Briscoe Drury (sculptor)

    Accession no. WA1988.243
  • Sappho

    Date: 1909

    Artist: Edgar Bertram Mackennal, Sir (sculptor)

    Accession no. WA1952.108
  • Nautilus Maze Figure

    Date: c. 1965

    Artist: Michael Ayrton (sculptor)

    Accession no. WA2019.19
  • Mirage

    Date: c. 1969

    Artist: Dame Elizabeth Frink (sculptor)

    Accession no. WA1969.136
  • The Bed

    Date: 1965

    Artist: Kenneth Armitage (sculptor)

    Accession no. WA1987.80
  • Samson and Delilah

    Date: 1960

    Artist: Leon Underwood (sculptor)

    Accession no. WA1996.379
  • Head of a King

    Date: late 19th - early 20th century (1871 - 1930)

    Accession no. WA1951.14
  • Standing peasant (Le Grand Paysan)

    Date: c. 1900

    Artist: Susse Frères Editeurs, Paris (foundry), Aime-Jules Dalou (sculptor)

    Accession no. WA1965.94.1
  • Ghost man

    Date: 1943 - 1972

    Artist: Eli Ilan (sculptor)

    Accession no. WA1972.56
  • Inspiration

    Date: 1908

    Artist: probably Alessandro Parlanti (foundry), Alfred Briscoe Drury (sculptor)

    Accession no. WA1927.36
  • Tschechischer Kellner

    Date: 1989

    Artist: A.R. Penck (sculptor)

    Accession no. WA2020.38
  • Literature (Wisdom)

    Date: c. 1900

    Artist: Compagnie des Bronzes (foundry), after Alfred Gilbert, Sir (sculptor)

    Accession no. WA1927.24
  • Mother and Child, Towel

    Date: 1979

    Artist: Henry Moore (sculptor)

    Accession no. WA2006.198
  • Sigurd with Gram Sword

    Date: 1909 - 1910

    Artist: Gilbert William Bayes (sculptor)

    Accession no. WA1927.45
  • Single form (Antiphon)

    Date: 1953

    Artist: Barbara Hepworth (sculptor)

    Accession no. WA2013.59
  • Europa

    Date: 1930s

    Artist: Charles Robinson Sykes (sculptor)

    Accession no. WA1953.73.1
  • Books

    Date: 1981

    Artist: Geoffrey Clarke (sculptor)

    Accession no. WA1987.104
  • Portrait head of girl from Massachusetts

    Date: 1962

    Artist: Dora Thacher Clarke (sculptor)

    Accession no. WA1968.474.4
  • sculpture

    Date: c. 1905

    Artist: Auguste de Niederhäusern known as Rodo (sculptor)

    Accession no. WA1947.384
  • Talisman II

    Date: 1960

    Artist: Barbara Hepworth (sculptor)

    Accession no. WA2013.60
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