Tsuba with Buddhist invocation and a poem


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    Polished surface inlaid on each face with silver and sentoku (on the front in seven large characters the Nichiren invocation, see no. 67 [EAX.10067]; on the back five similar characters in a curious semi-cursive style); the ryōhitsu plugged with shakudō diagonally "cat-scratched".

    Japan Society's Loan Exhibition, London, 1905, no. Q120, pl. 19.

    The inscription on the back is part of a Chinese poem and reads:

    [Japanese text]

    Zhi tou wan chong guan, "Passing through a myriad barriers". The rest of the text is as follows:

    [Japanese text]

    Bu zhu qing han yue, "The pale cold moon stayed not her course."

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