Visitors to the Inari Daimyōjin Shrine


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    Katsukawa Shunchō was a pupil of Katsukawa Shunshō (1726-92) but his dates are unknown. Shunchō produced mainly bijinga, under the strong influence of the Kiyonaga style of beauties, as opposed to that of his master, Shunshō, who specialized in depicting kabuki actors. Later in his life, Shunchō gave up being as an ukiyo-e artist and became a poet.

    This print is the centre sheet of a triptych. It illustrates two ladies with a young girl and their maid crossing a low bridge going towards the Inari Daimyōjin Shrine on a sunny day. The lantern to the right has the inscription 'Inari Daimyōjin'. There were four Inari Shrines in Yoshiwara where festivals took place. The hilly landscape in the background shows the vast grounds of the shrine. With the ladies wearing hitoe (one layer of kimono) and one of them holding a fan, it is probably early autumn.

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