Tsuba with a scroll and the god Kwanu's spear


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    Modelled in openwork as the dragon spear of Kwanu (Kuan Yü, the Chinese war-god), together with a partly unrolled scroll of manuscript (treatise on war), both coiled about the seppadai; the eyes of the dragon head are gilt in nunome, its teeth are in silver; the roller-tip of the scroll is in gold.

    This signature is not uncommon; compare the two next [EAX.10715 and EAX.10716]. Wada mentions a Sunagawa Masatora, not a Nishikawa Masatora. Hara gives only the Nishikawa Masatora of Yedo mentioned by the Sōken Kishō as still living in 1781. The two names may belong to the same man.

    Compare, for the subject, No.1127 [EAX.101127].

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