Cello bow

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  • Title

    Cello bow

  • Associated people

    Arnold Dolmetsch (1858 - 1940) (luthier)
    Carlo Tononi (1675 - 1730) (luthier)
  • Associated place

    Venice (place of creation)
  • Date

    c. 1725
  • Material and technique

    snakewood, ivory, horsehair

  • Object type

  • Dimensions

    0.8 cm stick 1/4 hair length (width)
    0.96 cm stick 1/2 hair length (width)
    0.65 cm stick smallest point (width)
    1.06 cm stick 1/2 hair length (width)
    1.11 cm stick front of frog (width)
    1.14 cm stick end of stick (width)
    0.61 cm stick smallest point (height)
    0.82 cm stick 1/4 hair length (height)
    0.94 cm stick 1/2 hair length (height)
    1.06 cm stick 3/4 hair length (height)
    1.13 cm stick front of frog (height)
    1.16 cm stick end of stick (height)
    72.9 cm bow overall (length)
    27.4 cm bow balance point (length)
    59.4 cm bow hair (length)
    86 g bow (weight)
    3.55 cm head (length)
    1.05 cm head (width)
    0.64 cm head hair (width)
    6.22 cm frog length (length)
    2.44 cm frog (height)
    1.03 cm frog (width)
    0.71 cm frog hair (width)
  • No. of items


  • Credit line

    Presented by Albert W. Cooper, 1999.

  • Museum location

    Second floor | Gallery 39 | Music and Tapestry
  • Museum department

    Western Art

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