Tsuba depicting the Chinese poet Li Po


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    Oblong with rounded angles; blunt "wire" edge; design modelled in delicate flat relief and engraving of the Chinese poet Li Po (Rihaku) standing on a rocky flat in admiration of a waterfall; above him is a pine-branch, the trunk of the tree being seen at the back with a rockwall rising above the water; Li's collar and various other details such as spray-drops are given in gold incrustation; irregular ishime ground (broken-headed punch), covering the seppadai, which on the front is outlined by a vague shallow groove.

    Signed: Akita no jū Shōami Shigetsune [Japanese text].

    The signature overruns the seppadai, but is not to be doubted; otherwise one would be tempted to describe this as a Nara guard (Toshinaga style, Group XXXVIII).

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