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Wooden tankard (identified by M. Wellby as burr-birchwood). The handle is formed as a female figure with a satyr-mark over her stomach, a ram's head below and an elephant on the finial. There are three feet formed as lions holding balls. The sides are carved with emblematic scenes; 1. a lion handing a key to a winged putto, inscribed: 'FRANGIT NON VULNERAT HOSTEM' (it breaks but does not wound the enemy); 2. a winged putto holds out a cross to a lion, which has a trophy of arms on his back, inscribed: 'VULT PRAEMIA MARTIS AMARI' (he wants the rewards of bitter war); 3. a lion sits, holding a stick, between two obelisks, another obelisks disappears in the clouds, inscribed: 'SOLIDAE C[...]E DURABUNT' (the solid ... will last). On the lid a ruler on horseback rides above the globe, inscribed: 'TENDiT IN ULT[I]MA MUNDI' (he stretches to the extremes of the earth).


  • Title


  • Associated place

    Norway (probable) (probable place of creation)
  • Date

    c. 1660
  • Material and technique

    burr-birchwood, ebony; carved

  • Object type

  • Dimensions

    22.2 cm (height)
  • No. of items


  • Credit line

    Bequeathed by Michael Wellby, 2012.

  • Museum location

    Second floor | Gallery 53 | European Goldsmiths' Work
  • Museum department

    Western Art

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